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MX2 Junior Dragsters
Why choose our chassis?

The MX2 Slide-Link system provides a consistent method of transferring weight to the rear tires upon acceleration. Unlike flex systems that change over time due to metal fatigue, and slip-tube systems that change due to sag from driver weight and metal fatigue, our CNC-machined slide fittings maintain their usefulness year after year.

The MX2 Slide-Link system allows for adjustments in ride height and the ability to change to a solid front end if desired. In addition, the Slide-Link system utilizes a four tube front design that provides the torsional stability to prevent the car from wandering on rough tracks.

The MX2 Slide-Link system is designed with safety in mind. In the unlikely event of a front-end wreck, the Slide-Link system prevents the front tubes from pushing back and allowing the steering shaft to impact the driver. Slip tube designs and other front-end mounting methods utilize small bolts to prevent rearward movement and are subject to failure should the bolts shear on impact.

MX2 Jr. Dragsters can provide you with a race-ready jr. dragster customized to suit your application. We offer a variety of clutch setups and motors, and can even arrange for your car to be delivered with a show-quality custom paint job. Call us to discuss your needs!

$5150 with Standard Features

· 145" Chrome moly chassis
     TIG welded in precision fixtures
     Slide-link suspension
     Aero tube front end
     Exit handles and helmet hook
     Precision laser cut flat brackets
· Billet aluminum front wheels w/choice of styles
· Billet aluminum front spindles
· Billet aluminum rack & pinion steering
· T7075 Splined rear axle w/splined hub
· 3 Spoke rear hubs
· M/T 18 x 8 x 8 Rear tires on aluminum rims
· Free spin rear bearings w/billet cassettes
· Wilwood caliper
· 8" ground steel rotor on billet hub
· Lightweight aluminum master cylinder
· Braided steel brake line
· Adjustable ’Big Car’ pedal assembly
· Aluminum ’Butterfly’ steering wheel w/quick release
· Aluminum deflector plate, floor and firewall
· High quality 1-piece fiberglass body
· Lexan windscreen
· IHRA/NHRA legal wiring w/2 shutoff switches
· 5 point CAM LOCK harness in choice of colors
· 1 quart fuel cell
· Heavy duty 420 chain and sprockets
· Aluminum chain guard
· Custom aluminum oil "puke" tank
· Roll cage padding in choice of colors
· Adjustable aluminum motor plate w/jackshaft
· Black/Gray powdercoat finish on chassis


· Emergency shutoff switch
· Aluminum clutch guard
· Mychron data collection systems
· Digatron data collection systems
· Billet Steering grips in choice of colors
· Custom powdercoated colors
· Weight tank
· Custom embroidered seat pad
· Billet tow hooks for spindles